The My Account page provides options for managing your account on Docuseek2.

Docuseek2 supports two tiers of users for a given institution, administrators and users.

Users may update personal information, view their order history, and view the Terms of Use on the My Account page. Users may also create clips, playlists, and save searches.

Most institutions are automatically assigned a special institutional or "generic" user to facilitate user access to licensed content. The generic user typically will have the name of "{institution} User". The Docuseek2 URLs provided to libraries for licensed content will automatically log the visitor in as the generic user. The generic user by default may only view content on Docuseek and retrieve links and embed codes.

Administrators may update personal information, change account settings for users, view order history, view the Terms of Use, generate account usage reports, and download MARC records for licensed content.

Tip: If you want to function as your institution's Docuseek2 administrator, email

Account info

Any registered user may update the following information:
  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Personal Docuseek2 settings, including subscribing to the DS2 newsletter, and setting the following search defaults:
    • Default to "streaming only" in searches
    • Default to "my movies only" in searches
    • Show results on one page (don't paginate results)
  • Mailing address(es)

You also change your password from this page.

Administrators can determine what rights non-administrators have at Docuseek2.Administrators may also access usage reports and the institution's terms of use of DS2 content.

The Administrator sets default values for other users via the My Account: Account Info tab. These become the user access rights for any new users.

The rights that can be set for users include:account_settings.png
  • Be an administrator: This gives the user the right to set rights for other users and view the terms of use. Only one user can receive usage reports, license requests, and other status emails from DS2.
  • View license status: Displays the start and stop date of a license, or expired, on the title page and the My Movies page.
  • View license prices: Displays the license options (one week, one semester, one year, three years) and associated prices.
  • License content: Displays the Add to Cart button, which allows a user to license content with credit card or valid institutional purchase order. Requires the right to view license prices.
  • Retrieve linking and embed codes: Displays the Get Link button on the title page and the My Movies page. From this link the user can retrieve the LTI codes for embedding in a course management system, or the embed code for embedding in a web page. See Integrating Docuseek2 for more info. Only administrators can get a plain URL link.
  • Send license requests to the account administrator: Displays a button on the title page that will initiate an email requesting a title be licensed by the institution, sent to the main administrator email address.
  • Forward preview links to colleagues: Displays a button on the product page to email a preview link to a colleague; the colleague does NOT have to register with DS2 to view the preview. Currently, this option also requires administrator rights.
  • View content on the DS2 site: Displays the View button on the My Movies page, and the player on the title page. This is separate from watching via embedded code at the institution's site.
  • Allow users to create clips
  • Allow users to create playlists

Note: Some of the rights must be set together. E.g., "licensing content" must be accompanied by "viewing license prices".

To change the rights for all existing users: To change the rights for all existing users, check the Update all users' access rights before saving the new account settings. When the record is saved, the new default account settings will be applied to all users with your institution. CAUTION: This is a global change, and cannot be undone.

To see a list of registered Docuseek2 users from your institution: On the My Account page, click the Users tab.The list displays users names, email address, status (active or not), and a button to allow you to edit their DS2 access rights.

To change the rights for one user: Account administrators may customize the access rights for individual users. From the Users tab, click the Edit button next to the user whose access rights you want to adjust. In the dialog that appears, set the desired access rights, and click Save. These changes affect the one user only.

Note:These custom settings will be overwritten if you change the account-wide settings, and check the Update all users' access rights before saving the new account settings.