Use these instructions to add a single Docuseek2 film to Canvas using LTI. Note that these instructions do not take advantage of Canvas extensions to LTI that greatly simplify using external resources in Canvas. Return to the Integrating Docuseek2 into Canvas page for instructions on integrating Docuseek2 into Canvas using their LTI extensions.

To add a single Docuseek2 film to a Canvas course using LTI, you will need to know the Consumer key, Shared secret and Launch URL for the film.

How do I find my my Consumer key, Shared secret and Launch URL?

Steps to add a Docuseek2 film to Canvas:

1. On the Course page, click the Settings link. external image 1_course_settings.png

2. On the Course Settings page, click the Apps tab, and click the Add App button:
external image 2_add_app.png

3. Fill in the details on the Add App dialog. Use the Manual Entry configuration type. Enter the way you want the resource to appear in the Name field. Fill in the Consumer key, Shared secret and Launch URL. Enter in the Domain field. NOTE: Canvas prefers to use secure links (SSL or links with https:). The Launch URL may use http; in which case you can change that to https. Click the Submit button to complete adding the resource.

external image 3_fill_in_details.png

Keep your Consumer key and Shared Secret private!//

4. After clicking Submit, the name of the resource should now appear on the list of "external apps":

external image 4_after_film_is_added.png

5. Next, add the resource to a module of the course. Click on the Modules link to see your course modules. Click the "+" button to add an item to the course module:

external image 5_module.png

6. Select External Tool from the list of item types. Click the name of the Docuseek2 resource that you added above. The Launch URL should appear automatically in the URL field. Click Add Item to save the item.

external image 6_add_external_tool.png

7. The resource should appear in the list of items used by the course module.

external image 7_after_saving_publishing_module_item.png

8. To view the film, click the resource name.

external image 8_show_movie.png

Return to the Integrating Docuseek2 into Canvas page.