The Cataloging tab displays cataloging-related information.The Cataloging tab appears on the Title page.

Currently, the Cataloging tab displays subject headings and keywords.

The subject headings are used to associate the film with topics on the subject search tree.

Keywords are supplied by the distributor and Docuseek2. They are used in keyword searches and tag generation.

Distributor subjects are the subject headings provided by the distributor.

MARC records

Titles on Docuseek2 have MARC records. See the MARC records page for more on MARC records at Docuseek2, including view and export options. If a title is missing a MARC record, it is because the film has recently been added to Docuseek2 and the record is in the process of being prepared.

Tip: You may download MARC records for all of your films via the Cataloging tab of the My Account page.