About clips

Clips are portions of a film. On Docuseek2, clips are defined by a start and stop position of a licensed film. Each clip has an owner (the user who created the clip), a name, a required start and stop timecode, a optional description, optional tags, and sharing options.

Creating clips

To create clips:

Clips are created via the Title page. The Clips tab appears if you are logged in. If you have the "Create clips" right, a Make a Clip button appears on the Clips tab. Click the Make a Clip button to launch the Clipmaker page.

Clips must have a start and stop time code. The stop time code must come after the start time code. There are two ways to specify the start and end time code:
  • Play the film, and click the Start Clip or Stop Clip button. The button will capture the current time code and place it into the appropriate field.
  • Enter the time code directly into the Start or Stop Clip field. Time codes are entered as hh:mm:ss, where hh represents the hours, mm represents the minutes, and ss represents seconds. If you omit the colons, Docuseek2 will interpret the entries as seconds.
Tip: If the film has an interactive transcript, use the search tools in the Interactive Transcript to locate the portion of the film of interest. Click in the interactive transcript to have the player jump to that portion of the film. Click the Start Clip button to capture the time code.
Tip: The playhead slider on the player will not move unless the film has started playing. Click the Play button first and then use the slider.
Tip: If the film has pre-defined chapters, the chapter may help you locate the relevant part of the film.

You must give your clip a name and a description. The name and the description will appear in the list of clips.

You may also add tags to your clips. Tags provide a way of identifying topics related to the clip. Clip tags are searched as part of the Advanced Search tag search.

Editing Clips

All of the clips that you have created are listed on the Clips tab of the My Accounts page. To edit a clip, click the Edit button (the pencil icon).

You may also see your clips for a particular title listed on the Title page. Clips that you have created will show an Edit button. Click the Edit button to edit the clip.

Finding clips

Clips are always associated with the film of which they are a part. Available clips appear on the product page, on the Clips tab. The available clips include clips you have created, plus clips created by other users at your institution that they have shared to their institution, plus clips any user has shared to the world.

Using clips

Clips have a persistent URL and so can be referenced anywhere you would reference the entire film. Available clips appear with titles in the My Movies list. Click the View button to view the clip. Click the Get Links button to get a URL for the film. See Integrating Docuseek2 for more on using the links and codes from the Get Links page in your courseware or catalog.