Collections are groups of titles on Docuseek2 that you license in one purchase. Collections typically have a preferential price to licensing the contents of the collection individually.

To see a list of collections, click the Collections link in the menu bar at the top of most pages.

Collections will show up in your searches and are identified by a collection image. To do an advanced search for collections only, check the Collections checkbox on the Advanced Search page.

Collections may be licensed for one year or three years.

When you license a collection, the individual titles that comprise the collection will show on your My Movies page. Titles that were licensed as part of a collection have an asterisk next to them.

To preview a title within a collection, go to the title's page.

Tip: On the title page of an individual title, the product details pane on the left side of the window will list what, if any, collections the title belongs to.