Docuseek2 is the internet site where colleges, universities, and other educational institutions can discover, access, license, stream and share among their students, faculty and staff, the best documentary and social issues films and videos available.

Docuseek2 provides exclusive educational streaming access to content from Bullfrog Films, Icarus Films (including The Fanlight Collection and dGenerate Films), Kartemquin Films, MediaStorm, the National Film Board of Canada, Scorpion TV Sincerely Films, Terra Nova Films and KimStim. Registered users may preview and license content online.

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For a quick start on the Docuseek2 workflow, see the Getting started wiki page.

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Searching Docuseek2 is free and open to all. Docuseek2 allows you to search through its database in both traditional and unique ways. Docuseek2 supports traditional key word searches, but expands it to include searching through descriptions and transcripts. Docuseek2 also adds an expanded subject taxonomy, and allows you to combine subject category searches with grade level, length, filmmaker, awards, format and other characteristics to focus your search.

For help using Docuseek2, start with the Welcome page on our support wiki (where you are right now).

Subscriptions and licenses; databases, collections, and titles

Different vendors and librarians in various roles use different terms for gaining access to content. On Docuseek2, we say we license content. Content may be licensed for one week, one semester (about 110 days), one year, or three years.

We license either individual titles, or groups of films, which we call collections. Collections include the entire Docuseek2 collection of content, all of the content from a particular distributor, thematic collections which we have curated and are offered at an attractive package price, and series of films (e.g., the One Ocean series, or the Islam Unknown series).

Technically, there is only one Docuseek2 database, comprised of over 800 titles. You may license any subset of it, including the entire database (aka, The Docuseek2 Complete Collection). If you prefer to think of all of the films from Bullfrog Films as "the Bullfrog database", that's okay -- you will find "the Bullfrog database" and all of our other pre-defined sets of films listed on the Docuseek2 Collections page (but we'll call them "collections").

We try to be flexible in our licensing options, so you are not locked in to our pre-defined collections. You may curate your own collection of films from Docuseek2. Want all of the films from Kartemquin? License The Kartemquin Films Collection. Only want some of the films from Kartemquin? Search for films from Kartemquin, and add only the ones you are interested in to your cart.

We license collections for one year at a time. Licensing a collection can be thought of as a subscription that you can renew each year. The best part is that you can specify exactly which titles you want in your subscription.

If you are ordering many titles, contact Elena Wayne, Sales + Marketing Manager for special pricing opportunities.


Docuseek2 prices are determined by a few factors.

The first factor is your institution's Carnegie classification from their 2015 update. Your classification is based mainly on full-time equivalent enrollment, and the level of degrees offered and research activity. Your school's classification is mapped onto one of seven tiers.

A second factor is the number of titles you are licensing. The per-title price jumps downwards at 15 titles, 30 titles, 60 titles, 100 titles and 200 titles. The more titles you license, the cheaper the per title price.

A third factor is the length of time you want to license a title for. The longer the license period, the cheaper the per-year price is. We license films for periods ranging from one week to the life of file.

The fourth factor is the length of the film, although this only applies to single title licenses.

Single title prices and collection catalog prices are displayed when you are logged in, and have the right to license content.

Trials, purchase options and license models

You may purchase licenses online using our shopping cart. We accept credit cards (Mastercard and Visa) and purchase orders. Credit card orders are processed as soon as the credit card order is approved. Purchase orders are fulfilled usually within 24 hours.

For larger orders with special requirements, please contact Elena Wayne, Sales + Marketing Manager.

If you want to test drive the site, we are happy to set up a 30-day trial of Docuseek2 for your institution. Contact Elena Wayne, Sales + Marketing Manager, to set up a trial.

Because Docuseek2 license fees drop with the number of licenses purchased, Docuseek2 offers a token-based model that allows you to get a better price without having to decide which titles to license at the time of purchase. You may purchase a block of "tokens", qualifying for a better price, The tokens may then be exchanged for streaming licenses after you have consulted with your selection committee and / or faculty. You have one year to exchange your tokens for licenses.

We also offer an evidence-based acquisition model if you are interested in acquiring at least 40 Life of File licenses. In year one, you purchase 40 Life of File licenses, but receive access to the entire Docuseek2 collection, including any new titles added during the course of the year. At the end of the year, select the 40 titles you want to retain access to. With this model, your final license decision (made at the end of year one) can be informed based on usage numbers or user response. You may extend the program for multiple years, gradually building up your streaming collection.


For more information on using Docuseek2, check out our FAQ.


Portions of Docuseek2 are derived from GoCart.