Docuseek2 and Alexander Street Press FAQ

Docuseek2 and Alexander Street Press Agreement Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Agreement?
Docuseek2 and Alexander Street Press (ASP) have signed an agreement where ASP will provide sales and technical services to Docuseek2. ASP will be developing a new platform for Docuseek2, and hosting Docuseek2 metadata and content. ASP will also begin selling Docuseek2 collections.

You can read the official press release here.

Why did you do this?
The agreement with ASP provides a number of benefits for Docuseek2 and for our customers. Our partnership with ASP will provide many enhancements to our customers, including COUNTER-compliant usage statistics, improved player functionality, improved site accessibility, and the accelerated delivery of additional closed captions and interactive transcripts. ASP's sales and marketing team will expand Docuseek2's reach in the academic marketplace, and significantly help us accomplish our mission of getting world-changing content to as many people as possible.

Does this mean that ASP has taken over Docuseek2?
Not at all. Docuseek2 continues to be a separate company. We will continue to curate and develop The Docuseek2 Collection, and so continue to be the premier source of streaming independent and social issue documentary film.

Will the Docuseek2 site "go dark" / disappear?
No. The Docuseek2 site will continue -- we are just moving to a new platform, with additional features. The change will be transparent to the world.

Will you be changing the Docuseek2 product line?
A bit. We have been offering flexible licensing options, from single titles all the way up to the entire Docuseek2 collection. With this Agreement, we will continue to offer single title packages, including our popular token package. The current Docuseek2 collection will become two products. The Docuseek2 Essential Collection, to be 800 titles by December 31, 2017; and The Docuseek2 Complete Collection, to be 1200 titles by December 31, 2017. In the next few months we will also be announcing The Docuseek2 International Collection for customers outside of the United States and Canada.

What is The Docuseek2 Essential Collection?
The Docuseek2 Essential Collection will be 800 of our most popular and most recent titles. This collection will provide schools with a core set of important documentary film from Docuseek2. The newest releases from Bullfrog Films, Icarus Films and the other Docuseek2 distributors will be added to this collection.

What is The Docuseek2 Complete Collection?
The Docuseek2 Complete Collection will consist of 1200 films by the time we are finished filling it out, by December 31, 2017. It will include all of the films in The Docuseek2 Essential Collection, plus 400 additional titles from the Bullfrog Films and Icarus Films catalog that they have assembled over the past 35 years. This will be the collection to have to provide your users the broadest and deepest set of documentary film.

What happens to the current configuration of The Docuseek2 Collection?
The Docuseek2 Collection refers to the complete set of titles available for streaming on Docuseek2 as of March 1, 2016. We will be splitting this collection into The Docuseek2 Essential Collection of approximately 650 titles to start; and The Docuseek2 Complete Collection of about 800 titles to start. The Docuseek2 Essential Collection will initially consist of the current Docuseek2 offerings, less about 150 older and less used titles. As our distributor partners make new titles available for streaming, we will add them to the Essential collection. The current Docuseek2 collection will morph into The Docuseek2 Complete Collection, consisting of all titles available now plus all new releases from our distributor partners, but we will also be making an aggressive effort to add approximately 300 older Bullfrog and Icarus titles over the coming months.

I am a Docuseek2 customer. What will this mean for me?
Docuseek will be moving to a new platform this summer (see below for more on the transition schedule). Once the transition is complete, your Docuseek2 licenses will be served from the new platform.

You will see new or enhanced features on the new platform. The new site will include a richer set of features based on ASP's site features. This will provide a better experience for faculty and students. We will accelerate our schedule for adding captions and interactive transcripts, so you will see more titles with closed captions. The site will be JAWS-compliant, meaning better accessibility support. Our video player will have more features, including a "jump back" button, scrubber bar thumbnail previews, bookmarking, and a better integrated clip-making tool. ASP searches will be able to include Docuseek2 content.
Users registered on both sites will now have a common user name and password; and users will have a common interface across different tools, making their streaming experience better.

The new platform will also consolidate your admin functions to one interface, which should make your life easier. We will provide COUNTER-compliant usage data. We will support the broader range of authentication options that ASP offers. We will be able to automatically acquire IP address range changes. Support will be simplified, as the new Docuseek2 site will use the same delivery platform as ASP.

I am a Docuseek2 customer. Who do I talk to now about renewals / pricing / new titles / ???
If you are a Docuseek2 customer, you will continue to work with Docuseek2 for continued access to your Docuseek2 products. This includes renewals, pricing, access to new titles and other content updates, and any other Docuseek2 issues.

I am a Docuseek2 customer and currently license The Docuseek2 Collection. What happens to my titles?
If you currently have access to The Docuseek2 Collection (all of the titles on Docuseek2), whether by subscribing to the collection or via our evidence-based acquisition program, you will continue to receive access to all of the titles you currently have access to. If your agreement entitles you to new titles added to the Docuseek2 Collection during your license term, you will continue to see any titles added to the Essential Collection added to your account. We will NOT be taking any titles away from you, except in the few cases where we lose streaming rights to titles.

I am not a Docuseek2 customer. Who do I talk to about licensing Docuseek2 content?
If you are interested in single titles, including Docuseek2 series and thematic collections, please contact

If you are interested in The Docuseek2 Essential Collection or The Docuseek2 Complete Collection, you may contact Docuseek2 ( or ASP

I am an Alexander Street Press customer and a Docuseek2 customer. What will this mean for me?
If you are already an ASP customer, you will be able to access your Docuseek2 content via the ASP site. Docuseek2 content may also appear in search results.

As noted above, you will be able to access your usage data and perform admin functions for Docuseek2 via the same admin pages you access your ASP data.

Users that are registered on Docuseek2 and also have a personal login on the ASP site will use their ASP login on the new site.

Users that are registered on Docuseek2 and not registered on ASP will be migrated to the new platform. Those users will be assigned a new temporary password, and we will inform them of such. This will happen over the 2017 summer.

Will my Docuseek2 persistent URLs change?
Your current Docuseek2 persistent URLs will not change, so there will be no need to change your existing catalog records or links on any course pages.

What will happen to my or my users' playlists and clips?
We will migrate users' playlists and clips to the new platform.

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