Keep your consumer secret and key to yourself. Do not share them or put them in a public place.external image my_account_lti_small.png

Your consumer key and shared secret may be found on the My Account page, on the LTI tab.

The LTI tab on the My Account page will also provide an LTI Launch URL to the Docuseek2 home page, if you want to provide access to all of your Docuseek2 content. Links to different sizes of icons are also available.

Launch URLs for individual titles

The LTI credentials for a film are found via the Link To/Embed dialog. The Link To/Embed button may be found in several places:
  • on the title information page, above the film player
  • next to the film title in the My Movies list
  • below the film player when viewing the film on its own page.

On the Linking or embedding dialog, look for a link at the bottom of the dialog "Interested in using the **LTI protocol** to add the resource to your course management system? Click here.". Click on the "Click here" link.

external image linking_embedding.png

On the Embedding and Linking page (a larger version of the dialog above), the LTI credentials appear at the bottom of the page:

external image lti_credentials.png