Integrating Docuseek2 into Moodle 2.2.3

Follow these instructions to register Docuseek2 as a Moodle resource.

moodle_1.pngYou must be logged in as a site administrator.

In the Site administration area, locate the External Tool option in the Site administration: Advanced features: Plugins: Activity modules menu.

Click the Add external tool configuration link.

On the External Tool Configuration page, use these values:
Tool Name: Docuseek2
Tool Base URL:
Consumer Key: Copy and paste the Consumer Key value from the Docuseek2 Viewer Code page
Shared Secret: Copy and paste the Shared Secret value from the Docuseek2 Viewer Code page
Default Launch Container: If linking a single resource, change the Default Launch Container to Embed. Otherwise, the Docuseek2 player may not display correctly within Moodle. If linking to the Docuseek2 site, select Embed or New Window.
Custom parameters: Add the custom parameter found on the My Account page, on the LTI tab, to the Customer parameters field. The custom parameter will look like ds2aid=xxx
The other fields may be left at their default values. Click Save changes to create the External Tool resource.


Adding a resource to a course page

  1. From the course page, turn editing on.
  2. On the course page, select External Tool from the Add an Activity dropdown.
  3. On the Adding a New External Tool page, enter an Activity Name (e.g., the film's title). If linking to a single film, enter the launch URL in the Launch URL field, from the Embedding and Linking page in Docuseek2. (Click the Link To/Embed button on the title page or My Movies page, and in the Link To/Embed dialog, click the here link at the bottom of the dialog.) When you tab out of the Launch URL field, Moodle will recognize the base URL that is part of the launch URL as belonging to an already-configured External Tool.
    If linking to the Docuseek2 home page, get the launch url from the My Account page LTI tab.
  4. Click the Save and return to course button.

Tip: Make sure that the Base URL configured as the account level matches the starting portion of the Launch URL.Otherwise Moodle won't locate the tool configuration. For example, if the Launch URL is, the Base URL should be