Promoting your Docuseek2 content

Docuseek2 provides several tools to help you make your licensed content more visible to your users.

Search widget

external image search_widget.pngWe have a search widget available for you to include on your library's streaming media page or LibGuide. The custom widget allows your users to initiate a keyword search of the Docuseek2 titles available on your campus. From the search results, your users can then watch the films and view the film description, reviews, credits and more.

To get your custom search widget, email

Tip: The search widget makes the most sense if you have access to all of the Docuseek2 content. Contact to see how you can get access to the entire collection.
Tip: See the LibGuide help pages for more information on adding a widget to your Libguide.

MARC records

Your library catalog is probably the most important tool that your users will use to locate your holdings. Docuseek2 provides MARC records to ease adding your Docuseek2 content to your library catalog. You may download MARC records from the My Account page, from the Cataloging tab. Select the titles for which you want MARC records and click the Download button (you may need to scroll down to see it.) MARC records are delivered in a .mrc file, with your permanent link in the 856 field.

Emailing lists of titles

You may email the results of searches to your users. For example, say that you want to let faculty in the Anthropology Department know of Docuseek2's cultural anthropology titles. Follow these steps:
  1. Execute a search for the cultural anthropology titles. Click on Advanced Search. Select the My Movies Only radio button. From the Subject Tree, click on Cultural Anthropology (under Anthropology and Archaeology).
  2. Verify that the search results match what you want. Refine your search if necessary
  3. Once you have the search result set you want to send out, click the Email Results button.email_results.pngEnter the email addresses to send to, separated by commas. Note that you can only send emails to users in your email domain. Edit the subject and message of the email if necessary. Enter the captcha letters and numbers, and click Send.
See below for some fine print related to sending email from Docuseek2.

Sending a title link

From a title page, you can send a link to that title. Look for the Send Link button on the left side of the page. Sending a title link will use your local email program, not Docuseek2's email system.


Sharing to social media

The search results page includes buttons to share the results to Twitter or Facebook. You need to have an account on those services in order to tweet or post about your search results.

Promotional flyers and postcards

Docuseek2 has several promotional flyers for the entire collection as well as thematic collections and collections from distributors. Visit the Promo page to see the different options.poster_collage.png

Flyers to promote the entire Docuseek2 collection include an area for a link to your library's Docuseek2 database. You may either download the original Photoshop file and edit it yourself (requires Adobe Photoshop), or email support@docuseek2.comand supply the custom text and how many flyers you want, and we will print them and send them to you.

The thematic collection flyers may be downloaded and printed for display in the library, or may be emailed as an attachment to users at your institution. Click the Promo link on the menu bar to see a list of available promotional flyers. Right click on a flyer and select Save Link As... to download the flyer. Click the Send PDF button to send the flyer as an email attachment to your users. See below for some fine print related to sending email from Docuseek2.

We also have a collection of postcards to promote subjects within the Docuseek2 collection, including Anthropology, Architecture, and more. We can provide you with postcards. The postcards include an area in the lower left corner of the back where we can add information for your institution. Email, and let us know which postcards you want, how many, and what text you want added to the card.

Notes about sending email from Docuseek2

  • You must be an account administrator and be logged in to see the Email Results and Email PDF buttons.
  • Email can only be sent to email addresses that share the same domain as your email address. For example, if the email address you registered with at Docuseek2 is, you can only send emails to users with email accounts. If you want to send an email more widely, send the email to yourself, and then forward it from your personal email account.
  • Your email address and name as it appears on the My Account page will be used in the From: field of the email.
  • If your account has a generic user account set up, the links in the Email Results email (from the Search Results page) and the Send Link email (from the title information page) will log the user in with the generic user account. Most accounts have a generic user account set up when the first titles are licensed. Contact if you need more information on this.
  • It is possible to send results that include titles that you have not licensed. This might be desirable if you are soliciting input from faculty about possible acquisitions for your collection. If you want to make sure that you are only sending out information about titles in your collection, used the Advanced Search page and make sure the Search "My Movies" Only radio button is selected. See Searching for titles for more on searching.