The following browsers are require for Docuseek2:

Firefox 4 and up
Safari 5.0 and up
Google Chrome Version 21 and up
Internet Explorer 8 and up

The site relies on Javascript, so Javascript must be turned on in your browser.

Docuseek2 videos will play on both desktops and mobile devices. In most cases, we will deliver an HTML5 player. In cases where a browser cannot use HTML5, we will fall back to Flash. In such cases, Flash version 10 or higher is recommended, and with some browsers is required.

Docuseek2 uses cookies to maintain state as you search and view results, so your browser must be set to accept cookies from Docuseek2. See our Privacy Statement for more on how Docuseek2 tracks activity.

Docuseek2 sends emails to notify you of updates to your account and to confirm actions that you perform there, like licensing content and changing your password. To receive these emails, be sure to exclude from you spam checking software, and check your spam folder, it if exists, for possible email from Docuseek2. Docuseek2 will never share your email address or send you spam.

EZProxy setup

Here is a sample stanza that you can use for Docuseek2 with an EZproxy server:

Title Docuseek2
HTTPHeader –Request –Process Accept-Encoding
HTTPHeader X-requested-with